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Is Laser Hair Removal the right option?

Is Laser Hair Removal the right option?

Is Laser Hair Removal the right option?

Laser Hair Removal in Phoenix, AZ is one of the most popular treatments our Patients are asking for at Pure Skin Medspa. We’re excited that we are offering this Permanent, Safe, and Effective Treatment to remove unwanted hair.  We all know the hassles that come along with shaving – aside from being inconvenient as it requires constant upkeep, you can experience razor bumps, irritation, knicks and cuts, and not to mention the cost for quality razors is very costly!  

Well, don’t worry because you can now get affordable, safe, and effective Permanent Laser Hair Removal at our comfortable Medspa in North Phoenix, AZ.  

Underarm Laser Hair Removal $79 (includes 6 treatments!)

Pure Skin Medspa Laser Hair Removal System: Our clinical team did a plethora of research, and chose the most advanced and effective hair removal laser system on the market. One of the things that really made our team excited was that this Laser Hair Removal system offers a “Fast N Painless” setting which delivers rapid pulses of energy which effectively zaps unwanted hair follicles which prevents hair from growing back…and it does this with VIRTUALLY NO PAIN!  

Most patients who come to us for Laser Hair Removal are looking for permanent hair removal from areas like their arms, legs, bikini line, back, face, and really anywhere that grows hair.  Even when treating very delicate and sensitive areas of the body, like near the bikini or for a Brazilian Laser, this system along with our caring staff is able to make this process virtually painless for our patients.

“Our Laser Hair Removal system is different because we can treat larger areas of the body using our ‘Fast & Painless’ technology, which delivers several rapid pulses of energy which removes the hair remarkable fast and virtually painlessly! That is what is most exciting for me!” explained Bryan Ostro, Founder & Lead Aesthetician at Pure Skin Medspa located in North Phoenix, AZ.

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to Laser Hair Removal is that the treatment is very expensive – THIS IS NOT TRUE! We offer amazing specials and competitive prices to make it possible for our patients to get permanent hair removal without breaking the bank.  

We perform Laser Hair Removal on almost any area of the body, so give us a call today (602) 492-6263 or schedule your free consultation online to find out which Hair Removal Option is best for you! 

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