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My mask is giving me acne, why?

Why your acne may be a result of wearing a mask.

My Mask is giving me Acne, what do I do?

My Mask is giving me Acne, what do I do?

Masks are a new part of life for all of us with COVID-19.  For many of us, wearing a mask has been an adjustment that we’ve had to get used to.  At the same time, we are seeing an astounding number of Patients coming to us with Acne that is popping up right in the area of their face where their mask is worn.  How frustrating, right?!?

The good news is that the team at Pure Skin Medspa are professionals when it comes to Acne, and we have several options that will help kick acne to the curb!

Learn More About Our Medical Acne Treatments in Phoenix, AZ at Pure Skin Medspa

Using a combination of Medical-grade skincare products, specialized treatments, and with the help of our Licensed Aesthetician, we can help you treat Acne so that you can feel more confident in your skin’s appearance.  

“I am super passionate about treating acne because I have suffered from Acne myself. When I was in Highschool, I had terrible acne problems and that continued into my adult life. It became a mission of mine to learn more about, and that is what prompted me to attend Aesthetics School and Laser Training School.  Now that I get the opportunity to help others with their Acne and skincare, I absolutely love when I see the happiness in my Patients when they no longer struggle with acne and have clear radiant skin! It’s my passion, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!” explained Bryan Ostro, Founder of Pure Skin Medspa in Phoenix, AZ.

No matter what your skin issue is, or if you are just trying to keep your skin looking young and healthy, we have a solution that is perfect for you. We tailor your treatment to make sure that it achieves your goals and also fits within your budget.

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